14-year-old sets self ablaze after being raped by four men

A 14-year-old girl died on Thursday after she set herself on fire, unable to handle the harassment heaped on her by four men who had been stalking her for months.
First the girl, a student of class VIII, dropped out of school, then she gave up her tuition classes. She finally killed herself. Her distraught family said the same men, taking the girl's silence for acquiescence, had even gang-raped her recently, an attack she had kept to herself for days until she could no longer bear the ignominy.
At her Panchgaon Patti village, barely 15 km from Meerut city, her brother told TOI that the men, all from neighbouring Gawdi, used to torment her as she walked to school from home and then to her tuition classes.
"We should have known something was wrong when she suddenly left school one day," he said. "Then she wouldn't go for her tuition classes in the evening. These men drove my sister to her death."