15-year-old pupil stabs Teacher to death over failure

A 15-year-old Northern Cape Grade 8 pupil has been charged with murder after allegedly stabbing to death, 42-year-old Kingston Vhiya, a teacher he accused of failing him in South Africa.
The accused allegedly entered Vhiya’s house on a Saturday and attacked him.
The deceased was a teacher at Bosele Middle School in the Northern Cape.
In November, 2017, a heartless student 19, shocked people after stabbing his teacher to death following a dispute in the classroom in Moscow. Not done, the teenager then took a selfie while smiling over the dead body.
According to an eyewitness, the student had a dispute with his Basic Safety teacher, Sergey Danilov in the morning. He then waited for the school break between lessons to attack. As soon as other students left the class, Andrey brought out the knife and launched the attack.