Drama as Woman goes naked at Graveyard to demand debt from deceased

A woman threw caution to the wind and literally stripped herself naked at a local graveyard to demand money she was owed by the deceased, in the process causing a stir.
The woman only identified as Wasu (Mai Runga) by mourners at the gathering was ‘uncontrollable’ as she ran around the graveyard stark na_ked.
In a video which has gone viral the woman is seen hammering the coffin, demanding money.
“Ndikuda mari, ndikuda mari pano.
“Makapusa stereki, ndikuda mari,” she was heard shouting.
However, some of the mourners seemed to be enjoying her actions and applauded her.
“Wasu wasu, bvisa, pihwai mari, mupei mari yake, bvisa, bvisa.”
She was however, whisked away by an unidentified lady who covered her much to the disappointment of the male mourners.
“Haa musiye, dzoka dzoka dzoka.”
“Haa Mai Runga hamuna kumbokwana,” shouted another woman.
The burial procession later resumed with one of the male relatives, complaining over Wasu’s conduct.
“We left our duties to come and bury the deceased.
“Panzvimbo yekuti tivige munhu, toda kuenda makubvisa hembe, chiiko chiri kuitika, vari kubvisa hembe ndivanani ava, Tsiuranai,”he said.
Some were heard saying, she was a girlfriend to the deceased.
“She is a girlfriend but kana munhu afa afa zve.”
Source-H metro