Elderly Woman Walks 15 Miles Everyday Day To Get Disabled Grandson To School (Video)

If you've ever complained about having to walk to school, those qualms will seem null and void when compared to this Chinese grandma. The 76-year-old walks an impressive 15 miles (24 kilometres) every day because she has to push her disabled grandson to school.
Nine-year-old Jiang Haowen suffers from cerebral palsy, a group of brain condition that affect movement and co-ordination. NHS Choices says it's caused by a 'problem with the brain that occurs before, during or soon after birth'.
According to Netease, the boy's parents are divorced, with his mum remarrying and cracking on with that new life, while the dad is working in a different city to help support the family.
Grandmother Shi Yuying has an inspirational attitude towards helping Haowen get an education: "As long as I have strength, I will carry on [pushing him]."
The Daily Mail says she has to make four trips to the school every day, once in the morning, once at midday, once in the afternoon and a final one in the evening.