Evil Couple! Father rapes, Mother sexually abuses with ‘artificial p***s’ 12-year-old daughter

The father allegedly raped her while the mother lay in the same bed. The couple, both aged 34, face up to 20 years in jail following accusations they turned their child into a sex slave, Ijozi reports.
The unnamed father is accused of raping the girl – often with the mother in the same bed – “every other day”.
His wife is separately accused of sexually “torturing” the child with an “artificial penis”.
The parents have been stripped of their parents rights, meaning they will never raise their child, who has been put into care.
The mother, who says she was raped as a 13-year-old, allegedly told officers she and her husband agreed to “train their daughter in advance for adult life”.
The girl’s horrific ordeal was spotted after she went to a doctor with “problems concerning her periods”.
The medics discovered that she was “not a virgin”.
The child told investigators about the sexual abuse she suffered, it was reported.
The couple confessed to the horrific sexual abuse, saying they believed “it was better for the child to lose her virginity with her own father” than learn details of sexual life in other ways.
She was forced to sleep in the same bed as her parents where she was subjected to sexual attacks.
Her mother admitted her daughter was made to take part in “threesomes” with her parents.