Gory! Lady Suffocated, Torched and Cut into Pieces by boyfriend

A 21-year-old South African lady, Thebatso Serage is reported to have been suffocated to death by her boyfriend and her remains torched before he finally cut it pieces, according to IJOZA.
The family of the deceased claim she had been suffering from abuse at the hand of her boyfriend for several months.
Thebatso was reportedly suffocated with a pillow and her body hidden under a bed in the room she shared with her boyfriend, Tshepo Mohlala, in Mhluzi.
Her body was later dumped in the bushes near Federale Stene on Saturday night. It is alleged that Mohlala returned with petrol the next night and set the body alight, where after she was cut into pieces in order to fit her into plastic bags to be disposed of.
Mohlala allegedly planned on dumping the bags into a hole when he was caught in the act.
According to information from a source, a group of nyaope boys lurking in the area came across Mohlala trying to dispose of the body in the bushes. They caught him and handed him over to police, uncovering the horrific murder.
The brutal murder shook the Mhluzi community who reacted with shock and anger.
Thebatso’s family is struggling to come to therms with her cruel death. Her father, Elias, called for justice to be served, and pleaded with the court not to release his daughter’s alleged killer on bail.
The family fears that incorrect statements in the murder docket might lead to the release of their beloved daughter’s alleged murderer.
Thebatso was laid to rest in Ga-Maela in Limpopo over the past weekend.