Grandmother hacked to death in front relatives

An 85-year-old grandmother known as Silvia Thandiwe Dyasi has been attacked in her home and hacked to death by an axe-wielding man wearing a balaclava, South Africa Police said on Friday.
The BRUTAL attack was witnessed by relatives who were with Dyasi in the house at Mabheleni Locality, Candu Village, Dutywa. Police said the shocking  murder happened on Thursday at about 8.50 pm.
"It is alleged that a man who was wearing a balaclava came to the home of the 85-year-old woman," said police in a terse statement, adding that the intruder, who was armed with an axe, hacked Dyasi and she died on the spot.
Shocked relatives told police that the attacker "ran away" and was yet to be arrested.