ICYMI: The tallest man alive and world’s shortest woman meet in Egypt

The world’s tallest man Sultan Kösen from the southeastern province of Mardin met the world’s shortest woman Jyoti Amge from India on Jan. 27 in Egypt for an event organized by the Egyptian Culture Ministry. 
Kösen, who stands 2.51 meters tall, is a 31-year-old farmer. He arrived in Egypt for a special event upon the invitation of the Egyptian Culture and Tourism Ministry to support tourism in Egypt.
As part of the event, Kösen met with Amge, who stands 62 centimeters and visited Egypt’s popular Gizah pyramid.
The two struck poses for tourists who were in awe with wonder.
According to a statement made by a committee under the ministry, Kösen was in Egypt for the first time to visit historical and touristic areas in the Egyptian capital Cairo.
Nesrin Osmanlı, who is the head of Tourism Developing Committee in Egypt, said the visit to Egypt would take four days.
Osmanlı also said the two would visit Cairo Tower, Tahrir Square and the Egyptian Museum, adding that Köse and Amge would hold a press conference after completing their journey.
On Nov. 13, 2014, Kösen and the world’s shortest man, Chandra Bahadur Dangi, came together to celebrate the 10th Annual Guinness World Records Day in London.
Dangi, who is from Nepal, has a height of 55 centimeters. Kösen stooped down to shake hands with 74-year-old opposite the Houses of Parliament in London.

The small and large act joined people across the globe as they attempted to break many different weird and wacky world records, including banging heads, catching spears and throwing thongs.