Incredible! Saddam Hussein actually wrote a Romantic Novel and it’s on sale right now on Amazon

Libya’s ex-President, Saddam Hussein have been touted over time as a man without a heart, but recent development seem to counter that stance.
According to Metro, Hussein wrote a 160-page romance story in 2000, and you can now get your paws on it for your loved one on Amazon before the calendar hits Valentine’s Day.
Titled “Zabiba and the King,” the novel centers on a romance “between an Iraqi king and a lowly villager called Zabiba” who “discuss religion, nationalism and other heart-warming topics.” And oh yeah, there’s a hump session between a shepherd and a bear.
No, seriously. From Metro:
The novel contains one particularly odd scene during which a character describes, in great detail, a sex scene between a shepherd and a bear – which is thought to represent the relationship of Iraq and Russia.
Believe it or not, “Zabiba and the King” would actually be Hussein’s fourth novel, although there are some who believe he just oversaw each book’s “production” while other people actually wrote them. It’s unknown if any of those books received similar reviews to “This book was absolutely horrible” and “It is a complete trainwreck of a book.”
You may have guessed that both of those were left for “Zabiba and the King.