Introducing #BBNaija 2018 House mates

The third season of Big Brother Naija kicked off on Sunday, 28 Jan 2018 in Nigeria with over 20 housemates battling it out for the top prize totalling 45Million Naira.
We figured you have not been introduced…so this is introducing housemates of 2018 #BBNaija….
Vandora was among the first four set of females to get into the house, 
Vandora is the first of 3 siblings and in a relationship. She will miss her boyfriend most whilst in the House and also bring heated conversations and charisma into the House. She is on a journey of discovery and loves wearing short outfits.
Nina was among the first four set of females to get into the house, She was excited to be in the house.
The last daughter amongst 5 siblings, Nina loves singing and chatting. The 21-year old English and Literary Studies graduate enjoys eating spaghetti and enjoys music by Wizkid. She describes herself as unpretentious and can neither stand proud people or liars. 
Nina is coming in with attitude.
Princess is one of the hot female housemates to look out for though she is quick to add that she has a relationship outside the house, but she adds that you can't stop looking for love.
I'm romantic so if I find a man that really sweeps me off my feet and she is willing to go all the way to win.
I see love in dollar bills, Naira bills and my eyes are on the prize was what she said during the live show.
Ahneeka is 25-years-old, a TV presenter though an Engineer by profession. She is widely travelled. She is an actress and artist.. She warns that fine boys in the house are in real trouble as the new mama in the house loves some good loving.
Ahneeka is single and ready to mingle.
Miracle Ikechukwu, 22, is a trained pilot who enjoys dancing and camping. At 24, he is single and plans to charm the ladies while in the House. The only pilot in the house believes fans will find him unique too. If he wins the prize money, he’ll get more aeronautic training and help his family.
Other than that, Miracle is a model and has a dancing crew. He is a big fan of the show, he is funny and single.
On day1, he kissed Nina before going to sleep and she  enjoyed the moment.
Recording artiste and graduate of the University of Texas, Teddy A is also known as Badman Teddy. The 29-year old considers his high points to be when his son was born and getting his recording contract. His mum is his best friend whilst his favourite food is pounded yam and egusi soup!
Teddy has a son and he is proud of him. He is a performing artist from Lagos Nigeria.
Kelvin Brulle is an upcoming song writer and artiste, his hobbies are playing football and watching movies. His mum is super excited about him being a Housemate and he intends to bring his dirty sense of humour to the House. His favourite colour is metallic red.
Brule is one housemate to watch, ladies are already keeping tabs on him and if the double wahala game does not treat him bad, he could be a finalist.
On the first night, he failed to get sleep and just resorted to working out in the night.
Ifu which is the initial of her three names, Iheme Faith Uloma, (IFU) Ennada is an actress who premiered her latest movie dubbed Obsession in November 2017, and with that title, Big Brother fans can only wait for action packed drama and entertainment in the house .
Ifu has a good game going for her on day 1 after being the first housemate to open the padlock making her a finalist in the Head of House task.
Ennada, 26, is an actress, writer and TV host from Abia state. Her favourite book is “The Inverted Pyramid” and if she were an animal, she would be a parrot. She will miss her phone most whilst in the house.
Cee-C considers herself to be eye candy and also mentally attractive and does not like judgemental people. She will miss her pillow and duvet whilst in the House. She is 25 and aspires to going to film school and becoming a producer.
She came on the live stage rocking a maroon dress that accentuated her curves, she is a Company Secretary for a legal firm and just like Ifu Ennada, Cee-C too has a good game going for her after she became the second finalist to qualify for the second and final task to determine who becomes the head of House for week one.
One thing that is so far clear is that the first Head of House to enjoy the green chair will be a female housemate.
Asogwa Alexander is the female housemate with green hair in the house is 21, she enjoys dancing and talking. She likes polar bears and has promised not to hold back on anything whilst in the House. She believes everything about herself is unique and does not like fake or dirty people.
Talk about not liking dirty people, Alex went on to smell inside Dee-One's shoes, not so sure what her findings were or what reason was behind the act, maybe she needed to be sure he is clean enough. Dee One is so funny that she got Alex and Vandora laughing uncontrollably at a few minutes past mid-night., 
Short of that, Alex is going by the hashtag #unusual.
Dee One, 27, is a stand-up comedian. He loves Wizkid and says nothing will make him quit the game. If he wins the cash prize, he will start a comedy agency to help upcoming acts.
Dee One has a show in London on 11 February, but if he is still in the house which is very likely, he will certainly not be attending.
Bamike Olawunmi  aka Bam Bam, 28 says her  secret is her favourite book and while in the house, she will miss her brother and best friend. She is bringing drama, entertainment and charm to the House. If she were a world leader, she would change peoples’ perceptions about themselves.
Bam Bam is an actress, voice over artist and event host among others.
Bitto Brian comes to the house with a ring and he says it's for his late mom, but he is actually available.
The 26-year-old on-air presenter is currently in a loving relationship. His lowest moment was when he lost his mum ten years back. He would love to win so he can change his family’s perception of the entertainment industry. 
Now this is one character to keep tabs on as he is already playing the game. He first took on Anto in some serious talks, in the end, the two complemented each other, but it was not long before Anto crossed to Kevin Brule.