Is Oprah Winfrey The Woman America Is Waiting For?

Oprah Winfrey's speech at the recently held Golden Globes has continued to attract huge plaudits as millions are already asking her to throw her towel into the political ring to contest for the most reverred seat/office/position in the world -POTUS (President Of The United States).
Those who are asking her to join politics are reacting to that brief but loaded speech she delivered which held many spellbound and somehow reveals her intension or long term goal, dream and aspiration to make a bigger change. It is the idea or sense to make a bigger change in her speech that is attracting and demanding this new force cum new order.
Most Americans have been clamouring for a woman to be the country's Commander-in-Chief to possibly change the face of global politics which has long been tied around wars and sponsored by war managers who feed fat on the production of weapons of mass destruction, blood and tears.
The support that former First Lady, Hilary Clinton got in that explosive election with President Donald Trump betrays and buttresses the huge desire by Americans for a female President. Hilary Clinton would have made history by breaking that jinx "of only men" but the ordinary Americans thought otherwise. They felt it is high time they departed from establishment candidates cum President. They wanted something and someone new. With their votes they told the powers-that-be "enough is enough". Hilary Clinton thus lost out.
But that has not stopped Americans from the search for a female President in a long term arrangement. Perhaps this is the reason, Ivanka Trump is preparing herself in full force to succeed her father come November 9, 2025. She could have the support from her father and his numerous supporters across America. She could pull a surprise especially as she started her campaign quietly and early too. Political journeys are better started early says pundits.
But in Oprah Winfrey, America may have found the woman and the right one indeed. The woman with the crowd. The woman with the people. The woman with the voice. The woman with the reach. The woman with the magic. The acceptable woman and choice who somehow has crossed the paths of many, big and small, rich and poor, black and white, Muslims and Christians, the leaders and the led and the Democrats and Republicans 

Oprah Winfrey has the personality. All she may need is just to say, "I am contesting". Many think, the funds to pursue such ambition could come even from beyond the shores of America. That is how influential this woman could be. Her speech at the Golden Globes could just be a starting point if, only Oprah Winfrey could say I am game for this. She may not be contesting the 2021 election but even if she does, she may have also started early enough and surely has the support to unseat Trump. But Oprah Winfrey should be better prepared for 2025.
She could just be the woman America has been waiting for to make history. Her's will be big history as the First Female President, the First Black Female President and perhaps the First President to come from her career background. History may be beckoning on Oprah Winfrey. She will always enjoy support from across the world including yours sincerely!