‘It’s tribalism and not bad English that make Nollywood producers not want to feature Yoruba actors’-Laide Bakare

Popular Yoruba thespian, Laide Bakare Oriowo has said the reason why most actors in her genre do not feature in English speaking movies often is because of tribalism.
The ‘Simline’ records boss who disclosed this in a chat with The Flight insisted that on the contrary it is not because fellow practitioners don’t know how to speak English language.
Her words:”Well, the film industry in Nigeria, whether we like it or not is Tribalistic! It is just the fact. The Yoruba’s patronize the Yorubas; why the Igbo’s patronize the Igbos. When you watch Nigeria “English” movies, you find out that the Yorubas in it usually are very few. We patronize our own… it’s just the “Nigerian factor”.

Laide Bakare recently became a citizen of the United States of America, where she now spends most of her time.