#Krugersdorpshutdown: SA Govt talk tough, re-launch 'Xenophobic' raid on immigrants

To pacify ire South African protesters and perhaps check the activities of drug peddlers and illicit sex-workers, the government has re-launched the famous ‘Operation Fiela’ which in 2017 initiated “heavy-handed raids that saw families being separated and led to various human rights abuses,” said spokesperson of the Coalition of Movements Against Xenophobia, Murray Hunter.
The government however, denied that the Operation targeted foreign nationals. “We would like to categorically and emphatically state that these claims are far from the truth,” spokesperson Phumla Williams said in a statement.

“This is an operation aimed at making our country safer to enable all people who live in our country to enjoy their freedoms in an environment that is free from crime,” added Williams.
Here are some of the post credited to South Africa's Minister of Police, Fearfokkol on twitter: