Man stabbed brother to death over who should take their father’s car out

A 21-year-old man stabbed his brother to death with a knife over an argument regarding their father’s car, the Dubai Court of First Instance heard.
The man, an Emirati indigene identified simply as A.Z., attacked his brother and stabbed him in the abdomen over an argument outside their home in Al Rashidiya area on July 10, 2017.
An Emirati police officer testified that they were alerted about a stabbing incident and the victim recovering in Rashid Hospital.
“We arrested his brother and his friend from the area and they possessed sharp tools and a knife. His brother confessed that he was at home with his friend when an argument happened with his brother over who should take their father’s car,” the officer said, according to records.

The suspect wanted the car and the brother refused and both decided to fight outside the house.