Mark Zuckerberg makes N1Trillion in first few days of 2018

The signs are really looking good for billionaire businessmen around the world it seems.
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has had his net worth increased by $4 billion (around N1,442,000,000,000) in the first few trading days of 2018, according to Bloomberg.
Time reports that major market indices are up 2%, continuing major stock gains from last year.
With Facebook shares rising 5% since the new year began, 33-year-old Zuckerberg has earned $4.51 billion from his portion.
The gain has brought his total net worth to $77.3 billion, overtaking Spain’s Amancio Ortega to take the 4th position.
The top 5 richest people in the world are:
1.    Jeff Bezos – $106 billion.
2.    Bill Gates – $92.7 billion.
3.    Warren Buffett – $88.7 billion.
4.    Mark Zuckerberg – $77.3 billion.

5.    Amancio Ortega – $74.9 billion.