Married Methodist pastor wants to inherit late cousin’s wife, estate

A married Methodist pastor, Aaron Makiwa from Norton circuit, Zimbabwe is fighting to inherit his late cousin’s wife.

According to reports, the clergyman is insisting his late cousin’s spouse, Rebecca Ndagutah marries so he could keep the deceased’s estate.

Ndagutah of house number 7012 phase 4 Ushewekunze claims that after the death of her husband Samuel Ndagutah, she has been living a miserable life due to the acts of violence Pastor Aaron is exhibiting.
“After the death of my husband, his younger brother (cousin) called for a meeting where he claimed to be the rightful person to inherit me and my late husband’s property.
“He is not even ashamed of his deeds – all he wants is to take over everything that was left by his cousin.
“I told him that I was not going to be his wife because the time my husband died they were not in good books,” said Rebecca.
When H-Metro approached Pastor Makiwa, he refuted all the allegations.