Mbaka's Bombshell on Buhari

●Between the Preacher & the President
●The Quit Notice From the Pulpit To The Presidency
What a way to start the New Year! I was just enjoying the harmattan and trying to balance my mindset with all the prophecies of our Men of God and my thoughts cum plans for 2018 when my attention was drawn to three videos by "my colleagues" in my home. Of course, everyone around me is "a journalist" by virtue of my profession. Once a piece of information comes up, someone would immediately ask, "Daddy, have you heard that ABC happened."
So my attention was drawn to the first video where Wizkid and Davido performed on one stage. They danced, sang, hugged, shook hands on one stage to the chagrin of admirers and all present at that show put together by Davido. I was happy with what I saw or watched even as I concluded that "these guys are just catching fun and making money with the emotions of entertainment 'crazy' Nigerians.
The next video was on the same stage and I think in the same show. Paul (now Rude Boy), one half of the "defunct" PSquare group was on stage performing and the next thing I saw was Peter (now Mr. P) the other half stormed the stage "chopping the knuckle" of his brother and went straight into business. They performed together with that famous energetic dance steps of MJ fame. I laughed and concluded that these guys are playing mind game with music loving Nigerians....Soonest they may return with a hit and we will all go "Wow, wow, wow. They are back." And they would as usual smile to the bank with new sponsorship and ambassadorial deals of multi-million dollars companies especially in the telecoms world. That's the way they roll and I love it. If you don't, no apologies...simply stop listening to music!!!
The third video was the "sweet" dance steps displayed by ace actor Saheed Balogun and his ex-wife multiple award winning actress, Fathia Balogun at the birthday bash of Mercy Aigbe Gentry another brilliant actress. The birthday was actually sponsored by Mercy's ex-husband Gentry but I learnt the bash was a reconcilatory move. So they may be back. I concluded that our actors and actresses will always use their life stories to shoot the movies we always crave for. Again, that's the way they roll.
In between all these, my attention was also drawn by "my ever busy colleagues" to the bombshell of fiery Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka of the famous Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN). From what I read, Mbaka may have served Buhari a quit notice. I recall that Mbaka has fiercely denied this same comment few weeks ago when an online publication broke the story. In fact, the Man of God was almost raining curses on the author or writer or reporter of that story. Though, he concluded by saying that "God has not shown me or told me anything about President Buhari".
So I ask, has God finally spoken to Rev. Mbaka on Buhari? Surely, He has, given that we are in the season of prophecies and our ears are already filled with the traditional scary prophecies of our Men of God. From the reverred Pastor E.A Adeboye who said, "Goliaths will fall in 2018" to controversial Apostle Johnson Sulaiman's 53 "earthshaking" prophecies, Nigerians are surely in for an eventful 2018.
Back to Mbaka. Here is a man who Prophesied about the coming of Buhari and how he will floor then incumbent President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Indeed, it came to pass. He was invited to Aso Villa by President Buhari few months after the latter settled into office. The Catholic community frowned at Mbaka's romance with Buhari. The Priest was demoted to an Assistant Parish Priest and posted to another Parish said to be in a remote location. But that didn't stop his romance with the presidency. In fact, those who know said, Mbaka was Buhari’s number one Christian cleric just as Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor was GEJ first choice among clerics.
Now that the romance between the Preacher and the President has gone sour, what next? But before we go into what next, I just keep wondering why Mbaka was not told during the coming of Buhari in 2015 that he would be disgraced in 2019. Or was there a disagreement between both men? Was Aso Villa no longer patronising AMEN? What next? Of course, I will expect mischief makers and ethnic bigots to start interpreting Mbaka's prophecy as being tainted with ethnic bias since he is Igbo. When the going was good between the Preacher and the President, no one mentioned tribe or ethnic issues. So no one should come out now to deceive or toy with the psychology of Nigerians. When Mbaka was invited to Aso Villa, he didn't go with you or I. When he made his prophecy of 2015, he didn't consult us neither did Buhari condemn it. So Preacher and President should sort out themselves.
I will only enjoin Nigerians to keep praying for a better country prophecy or not. In same vein, I will advise the presidency to do what is right for the citizenry or Nigerian people. And to Rev. Fr. Mbaka, I will remind him that there is a tiny line between love and hate...just as there is a tiny line between religion and politics. God help Nigeria.
Welcome to 2018 dear compatriots!!!