Meet Confused Ghana preacher, who claims he’s the true Messiah, not Christ (Video)

Leader and founder of Ghana-based Asomdwe Tontom Som Ministry, Nyame Somafo Yaw has made a damning revelation that he is the true Messiah and not Jesus Christ, Ghana Web reports.
He disclosed this in an interview with Justice Kwaku Annan, on the ‘Ghana Must Know’ investigative show on Accra-based Hot93.9fm. Nyame Somafo confidently stated that, he was the true Messiah who has been sent to save mankind and not Jesus Christ whom Christians have blindly worshiped for so many years.

He added that, due to the misinterpretation of the Bible, people have been led into believing in idol worship:

"Christianity is not a religion, it is just a cluster of churches because the name Jesus itself is a name of a Roman God which the Romans worship most as their Supreme God and a lot of pastors know this through my conversations with them. Jesus is the name of an idol, even when you go to Israel, the Jews have no letter 'J' in their alphabets. The son Mary gave birth to is 'Yeshua' and not Jesus Christ like people are made to believe because even Christ is also the name of a Greek god.”

Throwing more emphasis on his pronouncement, the self-acclaimed Messiah made reference to tongues, which he says is demonic: "Tongues is demonic, God has nothing to do with it. I don't believe in Jesus Christ. Like Moses who was sent to save the Isrealites and Mohammed who was sent to save the Muslims, I'm also the Messiah who has been sent to save mankind."

Nyame Somafo,whose church is situated at Apam in the Central Region has over three thousand members in his congregation.

Watch below: