Neighbour's house sprayed with bullets as robbers flee

A Durban, South Africa resident was lucky to escape unharmed after a neighbour fired shots at several suspects that hit their house on Sunday night.
Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said armed response officers responded to he resident’s home in Chester Road after the shots were fired at about 8.30pm.
“A neighbour in Alpine Road had allegedly fired several shots at suspects and the bullets hit his neighbour's property, damaging his balcony and kitchen sliding door. A bullet was later recovered in the kitchen. Fortunately no one was injured during the shooting,” Mathios said.
Mayville SAPS attended the scene of the shooting.
Meanwhile a gang member was accidentally shot in the neck by his fleeing accomplices during an armed robbery in Verulam on Monday night. He was subsequently stoned to death by the local community.
It is alleged that a group of armed men had gone into a tuck shop in Hazelmere Road where they robbed the business owner. Two residents walked into the tuck shop during the robbery and the robbers fired at them.
Prem Balram of Reaction Unit South Africa said: “One was shot in the arm while the second was shot in the buttocks. The two managed to drive to our offices. Paramedics treated them while our reaction officers went to the scene.
"They found the suspect dead. It is alleged that he was seriously injured after he was accidentally shot in the neck by his accomplices. The community then stoned the critically injured suspect to death,” Balram said.
A 9mm was found near the deceased.