Nigerians Revel in Funke Akindele’s Hollywood breakthrough, Imagine her acting as Jenifa in the flick

Nigerians are in a great mood following the breaking of the news that screen goddess, Funke Akindele’s break into Hollywood.
The proud compatriots, who don’t care whether the thespian could just be playing a cameo (or waka-pass) role, expressed gratitude for the breakthrough.
Below are some of their tweets:
Starting with @ogbeni_opa who opines that Hollywood should be grateful they got Funke Akindele. He wrote;

Funke Akindele will be in the Avengers; Infinity Wars movie.
Hollywood is lucky AF !
— Mr.̲O̶̲̲̅P ̲A̶̲̅ (@ogbeni_opa) January 10, 2018

@Chidubem__O’s imagination birthed the idea that Funke will act as her alter ego, ‘Jenifa’.

Funke akindele on avengers infinity war:
“Elloo?!! Xcuse me kaptain! My oga is norr in righ now! You can’t pass righ now o!”
— Daddy CHO (@Chidubem__O) January 11, 2018

Well, little wonder he is not alone;
Just imagine Funke Akindele in the movie like
“Ello Captin Umrica, Aws you??”
— LoluOlateru (@LoluOlateru) January 10, 2018
This one described how Nigerians will react when she comes on screen while watching at the cinema. 
Nigerians in the cinema when Funke Akindele says her one line in avengers: infinity war
— Oluwatimileyin (@Timi_ODST) January 10, 2018

@teddi_speaks cares less about how small Mrs. Bello’s role is in the movie, he is just proud of her;

Even if Funke Akindele’s scene/screen appearance is 0.3174 seconds in the movie.
— King..🕊 (@teddi_speaks) January 10, 2018

Edikanis with Teddi on this one;

Funke Akindele is really in Avengers Infinity War wow
Even if she might not have a speaking role
It’s still a big deal
— . edikan (@Sammie_N_IK) January 10, 2018
Well, there were some Thomas’ whose doubts were assuaged,
Someone tweeted that Funke Akindele is in Avengers Infinity War.
I googled to confirm and its TRUE!!! She’s in Wakanda 💃🏾🕺🏾
— I B I L O L A (@Lolli_phizzle) January 10, 2018

The hopefuls were not left out;

Will this funke akindele feature in Hollywood bring her a step closer to starring alongside Taraji??
Cos I’d give an arm and leg to see them together in a movie.
— Gangster Queen 👑 (@Cupidkill_er) January 10, 2018
This uncle Kampari is just funny, though he got the movie wrong;
Nigerians gotta show out en masse for Black Panther.
We gotta be in there screaming “omo re bii custard! You’re not a baaaastard!” every time Funke Akindele comes on screen. #BlackPantherMovie
— #MrKampari (@TheFolarin) January 10, 2018
Governor Rochas Okorocha has to finish work on this one, a statue in her honour won’t be bad at all;
These people seem to love Funke Akindele a lot, hmmmmmmmm

— FAVOUR ONYEOZIRI (@Rouvafe) January 11, 2018