Rage as 8-month-old girl is raped by 28-year-old man in India

A 28-year-old  Indian, in a horrific rape case incidence assaulted a child said to be only eight-month-old, Ary News report.
The crime, which left the baby with serious internal injuries was reported when the child, his Cousin’s parents were at work.
The baby was found in a shocking condition by her mother after she returned from work in the evening in New Delhi, India. Doctors at a hospital confirmed the rape and said the baby had to undergo emergency surgery as her internal organs were damaged due to assault.
The baby’s father said: ‘I had left for work leaving my children at home. My wife works too. So she too left for work soon after. When she came back, she saw blood-soaked clothes of the child.
‘When she told this to her sister-in-law she made excuses. My child is in critical condition now.’
Parvati, police officer investigating the case, told Al Jazeera: ‘We arrested the accused yesterday [Monday]. He is the 28 year-old cousin of the victim. ‘We have booked him under 376 Indian Penal Code and section 6 of the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences.
Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal, who visited the girl, described her injuries as “horrific”.
“Her heart-rending cries could be heard in the intensive-care unit of the hospital. She has horrific injuries in her internal organs,” she tweeted after visiting the hospital on Monday night.
“What to do? How can Delhi sleep today when 8 month baby has been brutally raped in capital? Have we become so insensitive or we have simply accepted this as our fate?”

She also tweeted a direct appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that “stricter laws and more police resources” were needed to protect girls in the country.