Use “Rubber” if you don’t want to end up baby mamas, actor Lilian Bach advices girls

Returnee Naija screen diva, Lilian Bach has advised young ladies to use protection so as to avoid ending up baby mamas.
Bach, who gave this advice as she gets ready to shoot her latest soap-‘Baby mamas and daddies’, added that this guidance applies to men as well, particularly if they are not yet ready to shoulder the responsibilities that comes with raising children.
Her words: “’Baby mamas and daddies’ would be looking at the reasons why people become baby mamas, because people have different reasons why. Some of them are actually innocent and never planned on having kids outside of wedlock; circumstances forced them into becoming one.

“I am not condemning anybody, like I said earlier; circumstances forced some of them into it. I would however, advice them to practice safe-sex, so they don’t end up being a baby mama or daddy, except it is a choice you have made. You should understand that you may have to bare the sole-responsibility of raising that child. So if you are not cut out for the stress that comes along with that, then I would advise you use protection.”