Weird! Man says wife approves of his sleeping around to avoid demonic attack

A 28-year-old Kenyan man, Timothy Chesire has disclosed that his wife knows and approves of him sleeping with other women, particularly when he is away from home so as to avoid demonic attacks, The Nairobian report.
According to the Kapseret in Uasin Gishu County resident, this situation started when he was still in primary school when fear of sleeping alone in a room led to visions of strangers dressed in different clothes and who thoroughly beat him up.
They only stop when he wakes up in the middle of the night. Things get tricky when he’s travelling out of town on business, so to avoid it he looks for company about town, especially a woman.
He believes that ‘demonic’ attacks at night will strike him in the absence of a woman besides him at night.
Timothy told The Nairobian that, “I have never spent a single day in any room in or outside the country without a partner, especially a woman.”
Timothy once visited and arrived late in Kakamega County where he was not familiar with the locals. The first thing he did was patronise nearby clubs in search of a woman to spend the night with. He found his choice after scavenging through three clubs.
He claims that he has never had peace since he was in primary school.
“I end up spending a lot of money on the women just because of this issue,” laments Timothy who confesses that his wife of seven years “is very much aware of this. She knows that I’m not doing it for fun, but for the safety of my life and that of the whole family.”
He also denied any wrongdoing to his parents that could have led to the appearance of demons.
His ‘situation’ started when his grandmother told him a story about his grandfather, a herder, who so loved him, that he promised to come and greet him after his death.
“And as a matter of fact, I saw him physically while herding and from that day, I have never slept alone,” says Timothy. He adds that he was the last born between the girls in his family.