Who Is Behind Don Waney?

The combine team of the DSS Port Harcourt, 6 Division of the Nigerian Army, Port Harcourt and 82 Division of the Nigerian Army Enugu must be commended for stopping the rampaging kidnap kingpin and murderer Don Waney who has been disguising under the umbrella of "cultist" to perpetrate evil in Rivers State in particular and the South South at large.
Between November 20, 2017 and January 1, 2018 Don Waney has killed 68 persons according to information from the Army. His last operation alone sent 32 to early graves who were returning from Cross Over service. What a day to chose to kill! What a way to kill! On November 20, 2017, he massacred 23 and on November 21 the Army discovered mass grave and exhumed dead bodies he buried in his shrine in Omoku. The bodies were not part of human heads, skulls and human bones found in the said shrine.
The Army also listed the items found in the shrine which includes assorted types of weapons, cartons of life bullets, guns, four AK 47 and bags of marijuana. 
Nigerians would want to know those sponsoring Don Waney who had been operating in Rivers State for over two years. Surely, he is a creation of the system. And in a situation whereby top politicians have turned the State into a battlefield for three years, the likes of Don Waney will live large.
Just few days ago Transport Minister and former governor of Rivers State, Chibuike Amaechi said, the Governor, Nyesom Wike should explain to Rivers people while the State is becoming insecured under his watch. Amaechi added that Wike should just resign. And in a sharp response, Wike raised an alarm, alleging and informing Nigerians that there is plot to make Rivers State ungovernable. This isn't the first time Wike has raised such alarm. He did shortly after the DSS Sting Operation where a judge was almost arrested in the wee hours of the said day.
Nigerians witnessed the show of power and demonstration of high level of notoriety exhibited by Amaechi and Wike few months ago in Trans-Amadi. It was not a scene befitting leaders of any civilized society or clime. It was a show of gangsterism tainted with criminality which witnessed the manhandling of a police officer beaten to stupor as he bled from the eye.
Those who know say, Don Waney is just one of the several characters some desperate and despicable politicians use to "settle scores". They reveal that once the politicians stop funding these boys, peace will return to Rivers State. They further disclosed that some of these boys are political thugs armed during election. But after the election the weapons in their possession were not withdrawn by the politicians who dare not demand for the weapons. These weapons are what the boys put to adequate and nefarious use after election. They say some of these boys are those who once embraced Amnesty but as soon as they could not get the largesse they once enjoyed under previous administrations they returned to crime under the guise of cultism and become tools in the hands of politicians.
It is necessary for the DSS to investigate and find out those behind Don Waney as there could be more for of his likes waiting to strike especially as we approach election year. Don Waney and two of his strongmen were killed in this "military operation". Certainly, there are other members of his "cult group" who may have fled following his death. But they could also regroup anytime and return with deadlier plans especially with politicians behind them and election year fast approaching.

Investigations could expose the voice of Jacob and hand of Esau in this whole power-play threatening to destroy Rivers State. We should also not rule out persons with secret agendas to cash on the war between Amaechi and Wike outdo both who may be unsuspecting having been engrossed in their war. It could be a plot to make both men hated and unpopular among the people of Rivers to pave way for them -the plotters.