Woman battles for life after Attackers shove hoe handle into her ‘Private part’ for husband-snatching

A Harare woman is reported to be battling for her life after three women shoved a hoe handle into her privates on allegations that she snatched a husband, New Zimbabwe reported Monday.
Georgina Rushwaya, 27, Rosina Ncube, 26, and Esther Ndaruza, 32, from Eastview were dragged to court Friday facing indecent assault and assault charges.
They appeared before Harare magistrate, Rumbidzai Mugwagwa, who remanded them in custody pending their trial. Their victim, Sekai Siliya, was still in hospital when the trio appeared in court Friday.
According to prosecutors, the incident occurred on December 31 when Siliya went to her husband’s friend’s place of residence.
Court heard she went with her husband’s friend (Rushwaya’s man) for him to show her where chickens were being sold.
When they got to the place where chickens were being sold, Rushwaya’s husband allegedly started dragging Siliya towards the house with the help of an unmentioned man.
Suddenly, Rushwaya arrived at the scene and started assaulting Siliya accusing her of snatching her husband.
It is alleged that she called her two friends and together they assaulted Siliya before they tore her dress and undergarments leaving her na_ked.
Court held Rushwaya and Ncube went on to open Siliya’s legs while Ndaruza shoved a hoe handle in and out of her pri_vates.
Siliya was rescued by neighbours who rushed to the scene and was taken to hospital. The trio was subsequently arrested.
New Zimbabwe