Wow! Zim Family living in airport for two months

In a scene that looks a lot like a real-life version of The Terminal, a family of eight from Zimbabwe has been stuck at the airport in Bangkok for two months.
Media reports say that the family is refusing to return home, citing political unrest in the country. The New York Times reported:
Thai immigration officials said the family members had applied to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in the hope of obtaining refugee status. They are being allowed to remain at the airport, rather than a detention centre, while their case is considered.
Thailand, though, does not usually accept refugees. The names of the family have not been published, nor any details of what kind of dangers they would face should they return to Zimbabwe. Media reports also do not cite whether the family feels their situation has changed since Robert Mugabe was ousted as dictator of the country in a military takeover mak in November.
The story first made international headlines when an airport worker posted a photo of himself with one of the children on Facebook and mentioned that the family was living at the airport.
The family first tried to leave Thailand for Spain in late October but did not have visas and had overstayed their Thai visas. Because of this, they were blocked and forced to live in limbo at the airport, the New York Times reported.
Then, in November, they managed to board a flight to Ukraine – in an attempt to travel onwards to a third country. However, they were denied permission to do so in Kiev and when they refused to return to Zimbabwe, they were sent back to Bangkok.
They now spend their time near the G departure gates at the airport, waiting for permission to leave. Airport staff had been bringing the family food and gifts over the holidays.
The New York Times reported:
Colonel Cherngron said it was not unusual for passengers to get stuck at an airport for a period of time. “This happens at every airport in the world, not only in Thailand,” he said.
The United Nations is ‘exploring potential solutions’ while Thai officials say that sending the family to a detention centre also remains an option.