Young Nigerian artist's amazing 'lifelike' paintings go viral

They could actually pass for real life photo shots, but they are actually paintings by a young and relatively unaccomplished artist from Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria.
Silas Onoja, 23, is from a town called Makurdi in central Nigeria.
The river Benue runs through his town, and is the setting for most of his recent work.
After posting some of his paintings on Twitter, Silas gained over 40,000 likes. 
When asked how he achieved the water effects in his work, he said: 
I just used the same colours that I used on the skin.
The painter told indy100 that his surroundings inspire him greatly as does the work of other artists he admires.
Silas started drawing as a child just for fun. Eventually, he went on to study Fine Art at a college in Nigeria.
My works are based on real life experience, the primary message my works carries is a message of HOPE, now we are living in a time where people really don't care about what goes on and sometimes they don't even believe in themselves.

So, I try relating my paintings to that, you can see the facial expressions of the figures in most of my pieces.
Here are a few praises he received: 
Here is more of Silas Onoja's artwork.