“Admit that you have failed”, Cardinal Okogie advises PMB

Nigerian Cardinal and former Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Olubunmi Cardinal Okogie, has asked President Buhari to admit that his government has failed Nigerians, who overwhelmingly voted him into office.
Cardinal Okogie, in a statement signed by him and released to the press on Tuesday, February 20th, added that by this development he has squandered the goodwill he had with the citizens.
The clergyman noted: “Nigerians are not happy; Nigerians are hungry and angry. They are not happy because their lives and their belongings are not safe. They work so hard while the value of the money they earn cannot make them enjoy basic things of life.
“Nigerians are unhappy because the economy has been so mismanaged that some cannot pay the school fees of their children. Nigerians are unhappy because they have not got jobs.
“Nigerians are unhappy because, instead of hope, they are offered propaganda and insults by the president’s men.”

Okogie was proclaimed Cardinal by Pope John Paul II in the consistory of 21 October 2003, and holds the title of Cardinal Priest of Santa Maria del Monte Carmelo a Mostacciano (or in English Blessed Virgin Mary of Mt. Carmel of Mostacciano).