Alfa and Pastor arrested for money rituals in Ibadan

The Police in Ibadan, Oyo State have arrested an Islamic and Christian cleric, as well as two others for reportedly engaging in money rituals.
The men, who were caught in the Ayegun area of the State Capital, had in their possession suspected human parts.
Disclosing this to the media, the state Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Odude, said the Alfa, Sulaiman Hamed, 35, participated in the Fidau prayers for a dead man but later contracted two men to exhume the corpse because he needed the body parts for money ritual.
The two collaborators to the crime, Olapade Saheed, 32, and Olatunji Abiodun, 26 – were later caught with the deceased’s head and other body parts.

Their arrest led the rounding off of the Alfa and Tope Akinyele, 45, who had claimed to be the pastor of a church in Ojagbo, in the Oranyan area of Ibadan.
Hamed, who admitted to being involved in the trade, confessed he is usually paid N2,500 for human flesh which he used in making money charm for his clients.