Angry mob torch rape suspect to death

An ire mob on Thursday torched a 29-year-old man for allegedly raped a minor near a local primary school, around KaBokweni in Mpumalanga province of South Africa.
The victim, who also has been linked to a string of criminal activities died as a result of injuries received from the burns.
The incident happened at about 2pm at Gutshwa outside KaBokweni, Mpumalanga.
According to Captain Shirley Nsimba, the spokesperson of the Police in Kabokweni disclosed that a case of murder has been opened.
Nsimba, in her statement told the community that the authorities frown at such actions and asked them to refrain from mob justice.
 “As much as we understand the frustrations that our communities are facing in terms of crime, but we urge them not to take the law into their own hands. The station is always available to assist,” she said.