Baby is born 17 days after twin comes stillborn

In what could be described as a miracle, a baby defied nature and was given birth to 17 days after her twin was stillborn, Metro UK reports.
Following the death of her baby boy, 35-year-old Gemma Bryant, doctors at Hull Women and Childern’s Hospital, warned her and her husband the twin would likely be born, three days later and with slim chances of survival.
However, to the astonishment of the hospital employee, the baby stayed another 16 days before her mum went into labour for a second time.
Now a month old, Lexie weighed just 1lbs 3oz when she was born at 23 weeks.
She is defying expectations and has a good chance of growing strong enough to lead a normal life. ‘It really has been an emotional rollercoaster,’ said Mrs. Bryant, from North Cave, East Yorkshire.
‘I am torn emotionally. ‘I am heartbroken about Kobi, I feel so sad he was born too early, his little lungs just weren’t ready. ‘He was perfectly formed. He was beautiful. We believe that he did all of that to save Lexie.