Blacks Paint themselves White to Protest Deportations from Israel (photos)

In a bid to attract sympathy and hopefully  forestall their imminent deportation, a group of Africans have decided to paint themselves ‘white’ as they demonstrate outside of certain embassies in the Israeli capital, Tel Aviv.
Pictures from each centre, shows the group holding signs that read, “Now I’m white, will you still deport me?” and “Black or White, I’m a Human.”
Others Carried pictures of non-conformists, being slain by extremists, back home in Africa. 
The protest came as Israel began sending out deportation notices to thousands of African asylum seekers, according to The Jerusalem Post.
The notice insists that by March ending, these ‘illegal migrants’ should have left the shores of the holy land.
The government also promised to give all immigrants who agree to leave grants of $3,500 and a flight ticket back home among other things.
Presently, the United Nations estimates that there are nearly 40,000 African migrants in Israel, the bulk of them being Eritreans and Sudanese.