Cameroonian Soldiers allegedly raid community, kills civilians, raze buildings (Gory Photo)

It was a gory weekend in Southern Cameroon as troops allegedly carried out indiscriminate killings of civilians, in what was termed a ‘retaliatory onslaught’.
The war theatre, Ebonji (Southwest) was not only overran, but houses and other properties, including motor cars and bikes were torched, with some of the owners inside on Sunday.
According to some locals, Ebonji’s gendarmerie brigade had been attacked by an armed secessionist group, popularly known as Ambazonian.
The offensive left some casualties among the rank and file of the police.
Since the war between the group and the army started, civilians in Southern Cameroon have borne the brunt of the conflict.
Last January, the war theater was shifted to Kwa-Kwa (Southwest) and the result of it, is the extra-judicial killing of unarmed civilians, including a 96 year old lady, who was burned alive while in her residence.