Chinese cyclist rides bike from Morocco to Lagos

A cyclist from China, Huang Shuang achieved a rare feet after she rode her bicycle from Morocco, North Africa to Lagos, Nigeria.
Ms Shuang, who achieved this in 5 months, said she was motivated to embark on a global tour after she successfully rode across her country.
CICI, as she is fondly called told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Monday that before she came to Africa, she had already covered in two months about 5,500km in America.
To make each trip, Huang said that she always made sure she had with her money, noodles, tent, sleeping bag, clothes and bicycle repair accessories.
She said: “I am glad that I have also been able to ride from Morocco to Lagos, Nigeria.
“This is an indication that irrespective of our sex, we can achieve anything we set out to do.
“The whole idea about my cycling started when, one day, I decided to embark on a cycling trip around my country, China.
“After the trip around China, I was motivated to take my first cycling around the world to America, where I covered about 5,500km in two months.
“Now, I am in Lagos from Morocco, after I flew from America to France, where I cycled around Europe for four months, before taking ferry from Spain to Morocco.’’ 
The cyclist, who left Morocco for Lagos on Sept. 6, 2017, added that her trip was fascinating though she experienced tiredness, robbery, accidents and on some occasions slept under bridges, as well as petrol stations.

CICI also said she crossed the desert within six days and was well received by many African villages.