Diamond Makes Move after Being Dumped By Zari

The wife of Tanzania’s superstar, Diamond, Zari Hassan caught him unaware when she announced via social media on Valentine’s Day she was leaving the marriage.
In her post, the Ugandan socialist who lives in South Africa with her five kids, three of which she had with the ‘Number One’ singer, said she decided to dump him because of his incessant cheating.
Well according to reports, Diamond did not the slightest clue that Zari was going to end their relationship.
And now according to Nairobi News, the Tanzanian singer is said to have sent his manager to Johannesburg, where Zari resides, on Thursday morning so that he (the manager) can ‘take care of the situation’. 
What more, he was even said to have cried in his new song.
Watch Video clip, below: