Dignity in Labour! Other entertainers who picked up odd jobs after migrating abroad

City People magazine, a few weeks ago broke the news that actor; scriptwriter and producer, Oluwafemi Ogedengbe who recently relocated with his family abroad is working as a gardener, a news that the Edo born star has since debunked, insisting he had picked up a job as a security guard instead.
Although both the news and the actors response continues to generate divergent reactions from the general public, the film-maker who once rejected $15,000 one-off payment to ferry hard drugs abroad continue to attract admiration from his constituency for example-celebrated Comedian, Alibaba.
Ali had said in a tweet: “First off, let me say, my respect for this guy can’t be measured right now. He has blown me away with his handling of the realities in his life. Some people know how to get through life, while others let life get to them. This is a man who put his ego and fame to the back, and faced reality. TO MAKE A BETTER LIFE FOR HIS FAMILY AND HIMSELF. He did not believe the hype. You see, that is exactly the kind of society we are in. Someone who is doing an honest job is vilified and castigated. Even mocked. Just to drive traffic.”
However, Ogedengbe is not the first to have picked up odd jobs just to survive after migrating oversees. It actually started a long time ago…
Here is a list of some star that did so, while they sojourned abroad:
Sola Sobowale
The icon, stayed back in the UK so as to be with her then young kids who were in school in the Queen’s land.
While there, ‘Toyin Tomato as she is fondly called, took up a job as a ‘Support Worker’, who provides supports ranging from emotional to physical for the sick and elderly in the society where she lives.
Felix Liberty-
If you were born in the before the 80s, you will remember one of Naija’s leading star who had relocated to the US, 'Lover Boy' Felix Liberty.
The ‘Ifeoma’ crooner, everyone had thought will continue his trade in God’s own country, but actually dumped it and reportedly picked up a job as a Taxi-Driver.
Mike Okri
The ‘Hear your mama’ star shares his story “After leaving Nigeria, I headed for New York. My intention was also to follow my career as I was recording an album before my movement. But I had to shelve the plan because my wife was expecting my son. That changed my plans to release the album. So I moved to Connecticut to live like every other man working and doing different odd jobs.
Dizzy K-Falola
The ‘baby Kilode’ star like his counterpart, Liberty and Okri, got to doing some odd jobs in the UK before his Gospel ministry opened doors for him.
Alex ‘Alex O’ Okoroigwe
Alex thrilled music fans across West Africa not just with his songs, but with great dress sense and dancing skills.
Rumour has it that the ‘Celebrate’ before breaking even abroad had to wash dishes in restaurants in Singapore.