Drug Baron Kidnaps Nurses to Vaccinate Poor and he is called Modern-Day ‘Robin Hood’

A notorious Brazilian drug peddler, popularly known as “2N” has been hailed as the Modern-day Robin Hood, after he abducted two nurses and stole some medical supplies including vaccines and syringes to help get some poor residents in his community vaccinated.
According to reports, the dreaded gang boss after arriving at the planned destination ordered the medical personnel to inoculate indigenes of the poor community he operated from, so as to prevent them from coming down with Yellow Fever.  
As a result of this action, Thomaz Viera Gomez has made headlines in the local press, with the people seeing him as a hero.
The Latin American television station Telesur reported that Gomez’s gang oversaw the nurses as they administered vaccinations over a two-hour period in the Salgueiro favela.
No harm was done to them afterward, as they were taken back to their workplace after the finished the inoculation.