Flight forced to make emergency stop because passenger won’t stop Farting

A fist fight broke out between a few passengers after one of them won’t stop farting forcing the flight to make an emergency stop.
The Transavia Airlines flight, travelling to from Dubai to Amsterdam was forced to break the flight and land in Vienna.
The Police in the Austrian capital were invited after the unscheduled stop, and a few passengers were escorted of the plane. The passengers removed from the flight were banned from flying with the airline.
According to reports from The Mirror, two young Dutchmen, who sat on the same row, with the gassy man got angry after his farting went unabated and attacked the man.
A spokesperson from Transavia Airlines released a statement on the whole ordeal, The Mirror shares:
"Our crew must ensure a safe flight,” they said.
"When passengers pose risks, they immediately intervene - Our people are trained for that.
"They know very well where the boundaries are.”
So, yeah. Think before you toot, guys.