Housemaid nabbed while trying to sell 2-week-old baby for $2700

A 30-year-old housemaid who works in Dubai on Wednesday was nabbed trying to sell her two-week-old child for Dh10,000 (about $2,700), according to Khaleej Times.
The Ethiopian maid, who didn’t know the intended buyer was an undercover police woman, would be arraigned in the Dubai Court of First Instance for human trafficking alongside, a 28-year-old fellow maid who had been with her during her arrest. .
The mother of the child, who disclosed she considered sell the bay because she was in dire need of the money is said to be staying in the country illegally.
A police lieutenant said: "We had reliable information that an Ethiopian woman had been trying to sell her two-week-old baby for Dh10,000. We sent a policewoman to meet the maid as a potential buyer."

The baby is born to an Emirati man, who has refused to take responsibility for the baby prompting the mother to want to get rid of it.