It's a Miracle! Sleepwalker Falls Out Of 8th-Floor Window and actually survives

 A 35-year-old New York man, Randy Phothisane is currently at a hospital after he slept-walk his way right out of a window to his apartment, located on the 8th-floor of the building, UK’s Metro reports.
But guess what? Luckily for for him, some scaffolding was set up below so Phothisane only ended up falling six stories down. Still, that’s a hell of a long way down.
Phothisane’s brother says his brother has a history of sleepwalking, with his mother adding, “I really don’t know how he fell. I am really worried about him.”
Even after falling out of a window Phothisane only suffered a broken leg and rib injuries to his back and torso.