London airport shut down over bomb scare

Management of London’s City airport on Monday shut down operations after a World War II undetonated bomb was discovered in the Thames River close to it, according to Reuters.
This precautionary action, meant the redirection of all flights due to land at the airport and a grounding of all those leaving the airport.
The Metropolitan Police found the bomb on Sunday and had to set up a 200-meter exclusion zone, but first evacuated properties within the parametres.
Robert Sinclair, CEO of London City Airport, the city’s fifth biggest and the most central, said: “The airport is cooperating fully with the Met Police and Royal Navy and working hard to safely remove the device and resolve the situation as quickly as possible.”
Regional airline CityJet said its flights from the airport had been rescheduled to land and take off from London Southend airport. Italy’s Alitalia said it would operate flights from London Stansted airport.