Man allegedly beats wife to death, dumps her body in Lagos lagoon

A man is presently cooling off in police custody after he was accused of killing his wife and dumping her remains in a nearby by lagoon.
According to one Olarevolution, the man and his spouse have been having a running battle, which has resulted in several fights and one arrest-arranged by the suspect 11 days ago.
Reports say, before she met her untimely death, the lady whose lifeless body was found under a structure she was building by Lagos Lagoon-on Oke Eri Street, Oworonshoki, Lagos, arriving home a day later was “beaten blue-black by the man until she passed out. Noticing she was lifeless, he shaved all her hairs and dumped her body in the waters.”
Bothered about her whereabouts, neighbors not satisfied by her husband’s response that he doesn’t know where she was, organised a search party.
After a few days, one of the neighbours discovered her remains under a structure around their home that she had built herself and alerted the rest of the community, who rounded up her husband.
The man was beaten, stripped naked and paraded around the community before he was handed over to the police.