Mother arraigned for poisoning only child in order to get married

A mother has been arraigned in a Kenyan Court after being charged with attempting to kill her six-year-old son by lacing his food with poison, according to Standard Digital.
Terry Muthoni, a single mother from Kagongo village in Kerugoya, Kirinyaga County, was accused of trying to kill her child so that she could get married to her new lover.
The 22-year-old mother could not raise the $2,941bond that the court had demanded for her to be released after she denied the charges. She will continue to cool her heels in prison until March 21, when her case will commence.
Attempts by the young mother to beg the Kerugoya Chief Magistrate, Samuel Soita, to reduce the bond because she could not secure a surety fell on deaf ears.
“I am not able to raise the bond you granted me due to the fact that I am a single mother, sick and no one wants to stand surety for me,” she begged.
The prosecution objected to the bond being reduced, submitting that the accused was likely to jump bail if released.
The mother remains in custody, even as she awaits an analytical report done by the Government Chemist on the poisoned food to ascertain the lethal substance used.
The magistrate said the bond could not be reduced because of the gravity of the charges.
Despite not having representation when the matter came up for mention last week, Muthoni denied the allegation.

Eleven witnesses, including the victim, are lined up to appear for the prosecution to prove its case against Muthoni.