Police reinstates policemen accused of killing Boko Haram founder

The Police Service Commission on Monday reinstated five police officers who were accused of killing Boko Haram’s founder, Mohammed Yusuf, while in their custody.
The police oversight body by this action absorbed the officers of blame in the unlawfully killing of the Islamist group’s spiritual leader during days of unrest in the northeast city of Maiduguri in July 2009.
Commentators say it is as a result of this incident that saw 800 Boko Haram followers killed that the violence escalated into a full-blown terrorist operation.
At least 20,000 persons have been killed by men of the sec and several millions more rendered homeless.
Meanwhile, in December 2015, a judge in Abuja had acquitted the security personnel on the grounds that the prosecution could not establish a case against them.
A spokesman for the Police Service Commission, Ikechukwu Ani, confirmed that the officers were now back on the beat.
“It is true. They have all been reinstated. The Police Service Commission acted upon a memo sent to it by the inspector general of police,” he told AFP.

“The memo was accompanied with the court orders that they should be reinstated. The court acquitted them of all the charges and we have no choice but to obey the orders of court.”