Police seize drugs following raid on ‘Brothels’ ran by Nigerians, others in Pretoria

The Police in Pretoria, South Africa recovered drugs from some houses suspected of being brothels during an unexpected raid led by the executive mayor Solly Msimanga on Thursday.
Msimanga said an anti-crime raid was in line with the City’s initiative called Operation Tswelopele, aimed at cleaning up the City of illicit activities.
There was a hive of activities in the streets with bystanders watching crime suspects bundled into metro police vehicles.
Among those arrested were a Zimbabwean and Nigerian men, who were caught in possession of drugs hidden inside their respective houses.
A Nigerian, who was naked when the police pounced, claimed to be staying only with his girlfriend despite the house having many rooms with beds.
Other people were arrested for failing to produce legal documents, which allowed for their stay in the country.
Some residents on Rose-Etta Street had illegally connected electricity to their homes. 
Msimanga instructed the metro police officers to embark on a proper raid on houses with illegal power connections. 
Some metro officers conducted a stop and search operation on WF Nkomo Street. 
The raid took place a day after Msimanga reiterated the City’s commitment to fight drugs.