‘Prophet of Doom’ accepts fate, begs to serve Jail term concurrently

The controversial SA pastor, who was convicted recently for spraying insecticides on the faces his congregants, Lethebo Rabalago‚ A.K.A. ‘Prophet of Doom’‚ has asked the court to allow him serve his prison term concurrently.
The 25-year-old clergyman, who was found guilty in all the three counts of contravention of contravention of the Stock and Agricultural Remedies Act, also asked the court to consider the seriousness of the offence as well; peradventure he might get a lesser sentence.
Rabalago ran out of luck after one of his members shared pictures of him spraying insecticide on worshippers’ faces at close range.
His lawyer Edmond Lubusi pleaded: “The court should also be aware that the instrument which was used in spraying the victims was not confiscated. The community out there‚ through the department of health‚ wanted my client to stop using Doom and that wish was served‚” He said Rabalago should be imposed with a corrective justice where he will go back to his community and get reunited with his victims.
While the trial lasted, Magistrate Frans Mahodi had asked the Pastor why he didn’t meet the victims and apologise for his actions. Lubusi, however said the ‘prophet of Doom’ was told not to approach the witnesses in this matter.