School produce bicycles made of bamboo stick

An Abuja-based Nigerian University, the African University of Science and Technology, showcased on Thursday bicycles it created from bamboo sticks.
The management of the school, while doing this confirmed that it had gone past test running and was ready for mass production.
The Coordinator, Materials Science and Engineering of the university, Prof. Peter Onwualu, told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) the bikes were designed and built as part of the interdisciplinary business and innovation programme.
“We are ready to partner with any capable investor that would be ready to mass-produce the products for the benefits of the citizens and the rest of the world,” he added.
In a related development, Prof. Onwuala said the school had also developed ceramic water filters for the production of potable water in rural and urban communities.
He said the technology could be used to treat water and make it fit for drinking.
“Both our students and faculty understand that the purpose of scientific research is to make meaningful contributions to our civilisation and to offer solutions to real-life problems.
“As a result, some of the work done by our students, even at the Master’s level, has produced technologies which can be used to improve the quality of life among our communities.

“The bamboo bicycle, and ceramic tile water filters, conceptualised, designed and produced at AUST, using local materials, are typical examples,’’ he said.