See disturbing Trump Cartoon Piers Morgan shared and purposely made go viral to spite BBC

Piers Morgan is so angry at the BBC for airing a graphic cartoon of him pleasuring US President Donald Trump that he posted a tirade of tweets featuring the image multiple times, INDY100 reports.
The Good Morning Britain presenter, who scored the first international interview with the American president last week, slammed the broadcaster for including the image on its satirical and surreal news show The Mash Report.

He said on Twitter:
The BBC thinks this is OK to broadcast. But if it depicted high profile women, there would be outrage. Why the double standard?
During the programme, viewers watched as comedian Rachel Parris discussing Mr Morgan’s interview style and presented the image on a large screen behind her. The audience were amused but presenter Nish Kumar said that it was something he would never be able to unsee.
In his series of tweets, Morgan shrugged off the cartoon saying it didn't embarrass him but raised concerns over double standards and claimed it would not have aired if it contained two prominent women or gay men, as that would allegedly result in outrage.
But his tweets went viral and sparked a lot of debate. Some users applauded the cartoon’s 'accuracy' criticising Morgan's interview style. But he also prompted a wave of support from some users who agreed with his criticism over double standards.
 See reactions that followed: