Step-mom reportedly forces 7-year-old Child to Drink Boiling Water

A 7-year-old Malaysian girl was on Monday, Feb. 5th, allegedly forced by her Step-mother to drink boiling water, leaving her with injuries on her lips and beyond.
The little child, who until the incident happened lived with her biological mother-Nurul Dahlia Jaafar, was spending a few days with her father in Lenggeng, Semebilan, according to
His step-mom however, managed to conceal the event, until last Friday when the child’s mom had returned to take her home.
"When I went to pick her up for the holidays, I was shocked to see burn marks across my child's lips," Nurul Dahlia said.
"When I asked her what happened, she told me that she was forced to drink boiling water by her stepmother."
35-year-old, Nurul, who divorced the child’s father  in 2011 was said to have taker her to Hospital Kuala Lumpur for treatment, hours before she lounged a report with the police.