Strange! Male In-mates rape Gay drug addict as punishment for not being straight

A 36-year-old SA drug addict who happened to be gay has said he was sexually abused by two fellow inmates as a punishment for being gay while he was recovering at the Akhbar rehabilitation centre, Schaapkraal.
According to Daily Voice, Mogamat Yushree Jacobs, who resides in Mitchells Plain added that alongside that he was also beaten with a sjambok, as well as had human faeces thrown at him.
Jacobs, who decided to escape from the centre following the inhumane treatment he was receiving on Tuesday, lounged a complaint with the regional police.
The former call centre agent, who had issues with heroin for 12 years, told the police: “They placed me in a room where the new people are to punish me, and then they beat me with a sjambok which left me blue and black and I could not walk for a few days.
“They woke me up at midnight and said I must just wear my underwear. They took water filled with human waste and threw it onto me and ordered that I get into the pool with the other clients who were there.”

Philippi Police Station spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Andrè Traut stated that: “This office can confirm that Philippi police is investigating a case of rape. The suspect is known and has not been arrested as yet pending the outcome of the investigation.”